JWI Hamantashen Contest

Yesterday I told you about my big mistake ordering only two chocolate hamantashen for Purim. I blame it on being old fashioned in a way. Although I am constantly experimenting and making up new recipes and cook modern food and am the author of the cookbook Hip Kosher, which features contemporary, not-necessarily-traditional-Jewish but kosher recipes, when it comes to hamantashen I want prune. Okay, maybe also apricot. Because those are what I always ate as a kid and all through my life (never liked the even more traditional poppy seed). 

But my family likes the chocolate filling.

And, come to think of it, you could use any kind of filling you like. I mean, why do we have to stick with prune and apricot? Let’s see, maybe lemon hamantashen? Strawberry-rhubarb? Candied kumquat? Spiced pumpkin?

Which is exactly what Jayne Cohen, cookbook author and blogger for Jewish Woman Magazine thought. So the magazine has decided to hold a recipe contest for — guess what? Hamantashen filling.

Here’s where to go: http://www.jwi.org/Page.aspx?pid=2730 Invent away! I think any filling would work with hamantashen dough (there’s a recipe for the dough on the site). And you could win Jayne’s book, Jewish Holiday Cooking, if yours is the winning filling!