Losing Weight

There are 12 reasons I may not be losing weight, according to an article I read at everydayhealth.com.

II’d like to lose 7-8 pounds. That’s not asking too much!

So let’s see:


#1 - not exercising enough. (I work out 3 times/week. That has to be enough)

#2 - not getting enough sleep (hmm, maybe)

#3 - too much stress (everyone is stressed aren’t they?)

#4 - skipping meals, which leads to food cravings (not me, I eat at least 3 meals/day)

#5 - big portions (well, maybe we’re on to something. I’m only allowed cheese the size of 2 dice? Are you kidding. That’s just to see how it tastes!)

#6 - drinking too many calories (NO. I haven’t had a soda since 1983)

#7 - being lax about exercise and calories. In other words eating too much for the amount of exercise I eat. But wait, isn’t that the same as: # 1, #5 and #6? (I think they are talking about hidden calories, like eating a salad but then loading it with high calorie dressing)

#8 - slipping on the weekend, such as having an alcoholic beverage. (Ooops, here we go!)

#9 - being impatient with weight gain. (got me here too.)

#10 - having a “medical condition.” - (does that include getting old? Is age a medical condition?)

#11 - I’ve reached a plateau - (how can that be if I haven’t lost more than one pound?)

#12 - I am the right weight for my body - (WHAT??? Have they seen the photos??)

As a girl and young woman I was always the right weight, never skinny but not overweight either. Until I met my husband who was extremely encouraging of my interest in cooking. That plus my new job, where everyone brought in a huge breakfast and so I added a blueberry muffin in addition to the usual yogurt. The extra pounds just crept up little by little.

So, here I go again, trying to get those 8 pounds off. Better throw out that piece of cheesecake sitting in my fridge (how did it get there anyway?)