The Fresh Blog: A Closer Look: Strawberries

Children and adults alike can’t deny the allure of strawberries. The fruit’s flavor is hard to resist, especially because it offers a guilt free way to satisfy your sweet craving. Strawberries are available year-round at your local grocery store of course, yet there’s nothing quite like…

There are no strawberries quite as delicious as the ones you grow. My parents had a strawberry patch in our backyard. They put the plants within metal-framed concentric circles that were built upward, almost like a pyramid. If the bunnies didn’t get the berries first we would wait until they were ripe and pick them by the bowlful. My Mom would make strawberry shortcake once or twice and insisted they be made with biscuits. She made what we know as her famous upper-lip sneer for what she considered fake strawberry shortcake made with yellow cake. Biscuits soaked up the strawberry juices and the whipped cream but they never got soggy. We ate hem too fast for that to happen.

Strawberry shortcake recipe: