It’s not just our soda sizes that have blown up over the years—it’s also our bagels, pizzas, cheeseburgers, and more! Check out some more of fast food’s victims here.

If you were ever in doubt about whether we have supersized food in the U.S., check out this article. There is no doubt.

Today, portions are bigger.

I can say that for sure because I am old enough to remember the smaller ones.

Like in those old 8-ounce Coke bottles.

And I remember going to the movies with my brother and the popcorn (10 cents) came in that box shown in this article (4-5 cups?) and that’s what you expected and no more because your mother wouldn’t give you any more money for any more popcorn than that.

Pizza slices were smaller and you ate two pieces for dinner, not as a snack in the afternoon at the playground.

I remember going to the bagel factory with my Dad, to buy fresh bagels once a week. The place was about 3 blocks from our house and gave off that fabulous fresh baked bread smell for miles around. We watched as the workers boiled the bagels in huge vats, then placed them in the big brick oven to crisp up. It was almost impossible to get home without devouring one along the way.

Those bagels were 2 ounces. Today, most bagels are 3 ounces. The one-ounce ones are called “mini” and I don’t know about anyone else, but for me they are too small and make me feel as if I am on an enforced diet. And they are too chewy. Two ounces for a bagel is just right. I would vote for the return of the 2-ounce bagel. But 3 ounces is too large.

Still, like most everyone I know, I buy the 3-ounce bagel and then eat the whole thing. Because, well, because it’s there, in front of me and so the tendency is to eat rather than discard good food.

And that’s the whole problem isn’t it? And why Americans are getting fatter?

If they made smaller portions that’s what we’d eat.