sprinklefingers: sunday dinner


oh my goodness, there’s a story online today at the wall street journal’s site detailing a man in southern italy who has built a business delivering home-cooked meals to thirty-something adults living in rome.

but this isn’t just any old home delivery meal service. all of the meals are made by…

This fascinating article bowled me over. So Mommas are still cooking for their adult children who live miles and miles away! And the guy who delivers the stuff to those lucky kids has made it big too!

Started me thinking — not about cooking and delivering food to my married daughters, both of whom work, but about what one of those daughters actually does: she cooks for people with young families who are too busy to cook for themselves and want something delicious to eat when they get home at night.

Gillian is not an Italian Momma, so it’s not Sunday Dinner she’s making. Her specialty is modern American food, healthy stuff, that’s easy to reheat and serve. Like Braised Chicken and Chard and Sweet Potato Fries and Fluffed Farro with Caramelized Onions and Mushrooms and Roasted Chutney Turkey Breast and Stuffed Butternut Squash. And on and on.

But the concept is the same. Some of us are too busy to cook for ourselves and we don’t want to eat out every night (too expensive, too time consuming, too caloric) and don’t want to order in (same reasons) and don’t want to eat junk.

It’s nice that in places in the world there are people who will cook for you and make lovely food that tastes good.

For those of you who live near Brooklyn, NY, and want dinner delivered to your door — maybe not like Momma cooked, but a great home cooked meal — ask Gillian if there’s something on her menu for you: gillianfein@gmail.com.

Maybe there will come a day when someone out there wants in on the delivery service, like that guy in Italy. Right now, Gillian does that too.