sprinklefingers: birds of a feather


i’m in love with sprinklefingers’ readers. especially ronnie fein. we’ve found a connection through food - talking about it, thinking about it, cooking it - and we have a place to discuss it all (the magical internets.) and it’s a good thing we have the web because ms. fein lives all the way on…

I’m not so good at this Tumblr stuff either, so I’m reblogging here with a very big thank you for your very very generous words. Feels really good. With all that you said about eloquence, I find myself speechless. So, just thank you!

That said, the beloved “internets” is certainly a grand way to make friends and have relationships with people you may never meet in the “real world.” We have read each other’s blog and feel a kinship, “birds of a feather,” as you say. How lucky that modern technology gives us a way to connect with more people in our lives.

So, because I find what you choose to write about so well done and also love the way you write it, I encourage everyone reading this to check your blog http://www.sprinklefingers.com/ because it is informative, funny, interesting and just a great read.

Hope your Christmas dinner was as good and satisfying as you had hoped.

Just to let you know that you blogged about Jeni’s ice cream and I ordered some. Can’t wait to taste the Sweet Potato with Torched Marshmallow.