Peaches and Cream

The peaches this season have been trickle-down-your-arm juicy. I’ve been eating them for breakfast all week, cut up with yogurt. Greek yogurt. I’m especially fond of Chobani 0%, which is thick but light and creamy, like sour cream.

Which got me thinking about sour cream, which was a staple at our house when I was growing up. Forget yogurt. No one I knew ate any. Sour cream was the thing. It was full fat, thick and smooth. In the summer my mother would serve it with cut up peaches mixed in. She sprinkled the top with sugar and told me to wait a couple of minutes for the sugar to melt. You could see the crystals clinging to the surface of the cream, but little by little they would change from white to clear and then you knew it was time to dig in.

The first bite was a cold, blissful rush, both tangy and sweet fruit, the melting sugar crystals still slightly crunchy to the teeth.

That dish, plus bread and butter, was dinner on a sweltering night.

I miss it. Peaches and yogurt makes a good breakfast, but it isn’t quite up to the dish with the sour cream and sugar on top, even with great peaches.

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