Peach Ice Cream Redux: French Fries

Made a mistake — it’s not National Peach Ice Cream Day! That’s not until the 17th. Today is French Fry Day.

My niece once came to visit and when she went home she reported the good news about staying at our house: “Aunt Ronnie makes French fries with a potato!”

She thought all french fries came from a box.

Here are the most important tips to making good french fries:

Use russet potatoes

Make sure you wipe the strips dry before you fry them

Make sure the cooking oil is hot before you immerse the potatoes (throw in a crumb of bread and see it sizzle)

Don’t add too many strips of potato at one time (that will cool down the oil too much and the fries will be greasy)

Fry the strips halfway. Remove them with a big basket or skimmer above the oil for a few seconds, then return them to the oil. That lets them cook inside without burning outside.

Drain on paper towels.

Try them without ketchup. I know that sounds like heresy but good french fries only need salt.

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