My goose is cooked. Or should I say, prepared and ready to cook. I usually roast one during Hanukkah but the holiday was early this year and the days flew by and I never got to it. But — the stores had so many plump, good looking geese for Christmas it reminded me that I don’t need it to be Hanukkah to make one. My children and grandchildren are coming for the weekend because everyone is on the Christmas/New Year break.

So, it’ll be goose for dinner. I ordered a lovely 10-12 pounder from my butcher. Can’t wait for the meat and skin and fat.

Don’t throw out that goose fat. So silky white, smooth, luxurious and nearly tasteless. I strain it and keep it frozen. You just need a little to make a big difference in cooking.

I’ll make my own applesauce with the goose:

Applesauce: peel, core and cut up 6 apples and put it in a saucepan. I add 2-3 peeled, cored and cut up pears and about 12 dried California apricots. No water or sugar. Cover the pot and cook on low, low, low for about 35-40 minutes. That’s it. The extra apricot tang is delish, especially with meat as rich as goose.

I’ll also make some crispy potato pancakes and some sauteed Swiss chard.

Dessert: my famous Grand Finale cookies from my book, Hip Kosher.

Have a good holiday everyone!