Carving Lesson at Fairway

My daughter Gillian is the carver in our clan. She is awesome and when she carves turkey each slice is perfect. The bones are cut away in exactly the right spot. The skin says crispy and she layers it over the meat, just after spooning some pan juices on the platter to keep the meat moist. 

I can’t remember when Gillian started carving. But it probably had something to with the fact that my father, talented and wonderful in so many ways, couldn’t carve meat and have it come out looking like anything you would want to eat. I can’t even say he butchered the meat because that would be insulting to butchers.

So one day we probably told him Gillian wanted to try her knife skills and that ended his career and began hers.

I wanted to post a photo of Gillian doing her carving but my scanner isn’t working. It’ll have to wait for some other occasion.

And I’d like to invite everyone to come to my house next time Gillian is in town, to learn how to carve a turkey, but I really don’t have the room.

But if you want to now how to carve for your holiday dinner, stop by Fairway in Stamford tomorrow, December 15th. An expert butcher, the master carver himself, Ray Venezia will be there doing the demos (he’s done this on the Rachel Ray show and others so you know this guy knows what he is doing).

The demo starts at 11:00 a.m. Wish I could go but I am not in Stamford tomorrow. So we’ll have to rely on our master carver’s skills for now.

I think Ray will be demonstrating on a leg of lamb, crown roast and rib roast. But better see for yourself.

Plus you can win that holiday dinner I mentioned yesterday.