more noisy children!


oooh. oh! check it out!

the story about the north carolina restaurant that banned screaming children made it all the way to the UK!

here’s what one of the guardian’s bloggers has to say about it.

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ps: take it easy, folks! we’re talking about kids here, not terrorists!

Oooh indeed. When I was a kid we didn’t get to go to a restaurant until we were able to sit still.

My children (now grown adults) are probably still angry with me because I made them sit at the table instead of walking around and saying hello to other people at other tables. We wouldn’t eat out with my brother because he let his kids not only talk to strangers at other tables but also let them get up and sing, (in case there were any talent scouts hanging around).

Today, though, restaurants are more family-kid friendly and there are more of them. In these places children are not expected to behave like tin soldiers at attention. Toddlers make noise. Babies cry. Kids spill milk. Parents scold.

If you don’t like this atmosphere, and you want a quiet evening, eat somewhere else! Or go later after the kids have left and gone to bed. When my husband and I want a quiet dinner we go to a place where we know the kids aren’t.

It’s not like parents are going to take their toddlers and babies to The French Laundry or Restaurant Daniel. We’re talking about pizza places, burger joints. Places where you get grilled cheese sandwiches.

And it’s not as if kids are the only noise offenders anyway. I’ve heard many grownups laugh and talk so loud you could hear them across the restaurant, without a care in the world about how rude they are. 

So, chill out everyone. Deal with the noise (or go elsewhere).

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