Leftovers Vinaigrette

Leftovers Vinaigrette. It’s my go-to dinner when I’m too tired to cook and have lots of stuff in the fridge.

My daughter Meredith, her husband Greg and their two kids, Zev and Nina, were here for a few days. Everyone likes something else to eat and, like my mother before me, I try to please them all. Chicken for Mer. Cheese for Zev. Hard cooked eggs for Nina. Steak for Greg, Ed and me.

We had a little of each left, all wrapped up in different pieces of plastic wrap.

There were also steamed sugar snaps and roasted carrots and parsnips in sandwich baggies, marinated artichokes and olives in deli containers.

There’s always a lettuce, an avocado and a few tomatoes in the bin.

I decided against including the hummus and whitefish salad. Too thick and viscous for salad.

I chopped everything up and put it into two big wooden bowls, some of each ingredient in each. That took about 10 minutes. Splashed a really good Pugliese olive oil over everything then poured in a big dose of red wine vinegar. Mixed each of them around with two big spoons.

Voila! Dinner. Yum.

And everything is gone from the larder.

I can start afresh tomorrow after I get a good night’s sleep.

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