Hooray for LaLa Lunchbox!!

Kids’ lunch? It’s the talk of the town. And the country. Because what our children eat is important to their growth, to their health and to their future.

One way to help them eat healthier is to let them have some choices. And learn to make good decisions. Feel a part of what’s going on around them.

That’s what Lala Lunchbox is for.

Confession: this is my daughter Gillian’s new App. It launched last week and kids throughout the world from Omaha to Oman are using it already.

First the kid picks a really cute monster avatar (mine is bright orange with jagged teeth). The food choices are in categories including fruit, vegetable, protein and snack (parents can limit what’s available) so children learn about what a balanced lunch has. They plan their lunch choices for a week and that translates into a shopping list for Mom or Dad. 

Another bonus: the decision has been made so you can prepare the actual lunch (maybe even the night before) without the arguing and the rushing in the morning when you are rushing to do everything else in your life.

This App is so simple that even grandmas like me can understand how to use it.

Your youngsters will figure it out in no time.

Go to the LaLa Lunchbox site and sign in.

Get the App directly here.

And use it!

Mother’s Day is coming — this App is a good, inexpensive gift for mothers of young children.