Fat danger zones. Sounds scary!

So I read this article carefully. It describes several different situations where people are likely to overeat and encourages the reader to avoid these situations or at least be aware when you are in one or more of them.

They didn’t even interview me and yet — there it was. My profile! My fat danger zone profile.

How did they know?

First situation: eating in front of the TV. Mmmmhmmm. Do that. Idle hands, you know. I can’t knit or do sudoku every minute.

Second: overboard at the buffet. Did that. Did I ever blog about the time Ed and I were at at hotel and Sunday brunch looked so awesome and smelled so wonderful and we just wanted a little taste of everything? Why do they serve brunch if we are expected to control ourselves?

Okay, we actually haven’t hoovered through a buffet in years, but we did, back in the day.

Third: indulging on the weekend. Do that. Because I am so good all week and eat the right things and then we go to a restaurant or to a friend’s for dinner and there’s the drink and the bread, plus the first course and then entree, with wine and then, because you’ve already blown the calorie count, you might as well have dessert.

Fourth: Dining out disasters: see above

Fifth: vacation eating: Done that. Three meals, but real meals, not yogurt/fruit breakfast, a slice of cheese for lunch then a healthy dinner. Though I have to say, in recent years, vacation lunches have dwindled to bits and snacks, like crackers or maybe an ice cream.

Sixth: Eating in the car: Yep. That’s when I go through my daily supply of pistachio nuts. And I don’t mean the suggested 1/4 cup.

Seventh: Emotional snacking: Oh boy! For me, stress means gobbling an entire bowl of popcorn.

Eighth: Eating on the job. That’s me. It may just be yogurt and fruit or my lunch cheese and fruit, but it is still mindless if I’m at the computer and don’t even know or taste what I’m eating. This kind of eating is just face stuffing.

Ninth: Being overtired. Well, they finally found a situation where I don’t eat. But apparently people eat when they need sleep. 

Anyway, these are good warning signals for anyone trying to lose or maintain weight, don’t you think?