Fairway Stamford has been open for about 6 weeks now and I think I should take rooms nearby because I’ve been there so often. Talk about shop till you drop. They just opened their Liquor/Wine Store, so I had to make another trip down (it’s quite a ways from my house) and lucky me — they had the perfect sweet kosher wine I needed to experiment on a recipe for Passover zabaglione I am working on for a future article. 

But I still haven’t been able to get the french fries at the take-out because the lines are too long and I am always in a hurry. That’s good I suppose because I really don’t need the french fries. So I got the vegetable samosas, which are great and, I guess, just as fattening. Oh well. This is holiday weight-gain season. Why would I think I am different than everyone else!

I’m sure I’ll get back to the store before next Wednesday, me being me and always shopping a little at a time even though it isn’t terribly gas efficient. But I read that next Wednesday (December 22nd) they are having an event (I’ll blog more about that if and when I find out more) and anyone, including me, can win an entire holiday dinner. That sounds awfully good when you’re very very busy, which I am. And I have a very positive outlet on this. I have won raffles in the past. I once won a coffee making machine! Another time I won some face powder (so you can imagine how long ago that was).

Wish me luck!