Cooking Tip: Waste Not, Want Not


Not sure what to do with leftover brownies or other baked goods, especially when they’re a couple of days old?  Try putting them in a food processor and hit Pulse to create crumbs.  

Save the crumbs for a crunchy layer in a fabulous parfait—layers of pudding, your crumbs, and a little whipped cream, then voila.  You’ve got a creative, delicious, and EASY dessert in just a few minutes.  

Or you can just sprinkle your crumbs over ice cream for an extra treat. 

Excellent tip! I do this all the time. I save the crumbs in a freezer bag or plastic container. Labelled, of course (challah crumbs, rye bread crumbs, etc). I still have those honey cake crumbs to deal with. People have sent me suggestions which I will be testing out in the weeks to come.