Bin Laden Killed

Although Passover has already passed, today I remember a stirring passage from the Haggadah where the Israelites have escaped and the Red Sea envelops and drowns the pursuing Egyptians. The Israelites are cheering but G-d tells them not to celebrate because all people are His children.

So, maybe we should not cheer that Bin Laden has been killed but we can be satisfied that justice has been done, be thankful that this monster is dead and be very grateful for our splendid American forces and our president, who have done such a spectacular job in getting this done.

And yet on Purim don’t we celebrate Haman’s death, another who sought to destroy a portion of mankind?

All of these thoughts are especially important today, Yom Hashoah, on which we remember the 6 million Jews who perished in the Holocaust.

Would that American forces had captured Hitler before the genocide.

All stirring thoughts.

On Purim we celebrate with Hamantashen. On Passover we celebrate with matzo.

What shall we celebrate with this time?