S’Mores with Variations

1927 was a very good year. S’Mores were invented that year and it is the year portrayed in the movie “The Artist,” which everyone says is going to win all sorts of Oscars tonight at the Academy Awards Ceremony.

We can thank the Girl Scouts for S’Mores. The recipe came from a book called Tramping and Trailing with the Girl Scouts. 

Please don’t tell Republican state Representative Bob Morris of Indiana, who said the Girls Scouts is a “radicalized organization” that promotes abortions and homosexuality (he later issued some sort of one of those non-apology apologies).

I sure hope he refrains from S’Mores, which WAS promoted by the Girl Scouts in that book.

He doesn’t deserve any.

But you do.

Here’s a good recipe to nibble on while you watch the ceremony, or any other time really:

S’Mores with Variations

2 graham crackers

piece of milk or dark chocolate (like Hershey Bar)

2 roasted, gooey marshmallows

Lay out the graham crackers and place the chocolate on one piece. Place the gooey marshmallow on top of the chocolate, top with the second graham cracker. Eat. Makes one.

According to the Girl Scout recipe, “Though it tastes like “some more” one is really enough.” Well, let’s just say this make one serving but you can have as many as you like.


1. Spread the graham crackers with raspberry jam, Nutella or peanut butter in addition to the chocolate and marshmallows

2. Use Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups instead of plain chocolate (or white chocolate, chili-chocolate, etc.)

3. Use chocolate or cinnamon grahams

4. Add slices of banana or strawberries